Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alun Kapuas Park, Pontianak

Sunday afternoon last week, my little niece and nephew, Shiva (Iva) and Nizar (Iza) visited my parent's house. Both of them dropped by their father --my cousin-- Bang Uli. When Bang Uli wanted them retuned home with him, Iva and Iza refused because they too busy playing. It's fun to watched them play, so we (me and my sister) promised Bang Uli that we will escorted them home after they finished playing, then Bang Uli returned home.

While it's still early afternoon, my sister, Lia, asked us to stop by in Taman Alun Kapuas or Alun Kapuas Park, not too far from Iva and Iza house. Me and Isna (my other niece who already a collage student) said, why not? Third of us never went there since it has been closed temporarily for some major improvements, so that's a good opportunity.